Common Types Of Vending Machines

Today, many manufacturers are into the business of manufacturing and selling of several types of vending machines. Generally we all have a perception of snacks and beverages dispensing apparatus, whereas the truth is that the technology can also be used for several other purposes like meal, office supplies and entertainment vending devices. Some of the devices are also used to sell condoms, public transit tickets and change for currency notes.

Vending machines are really helpful instrument for public utility. Small business runners are also buying or renting a beverage dispensing instrument. You can get sub sandwiches, soups, meat and cheese from meal dispensers. In foreign countries, college campuses and libraries have office supply machines. These devices contain pens and pencils, CD/DVD, and writing pads, but are not so popular in India.

In offices or workplaces, tea and coffee vending machines are used to offer freshly brewed hot coffee and tea. Such beverage venders allow people to select specific types of coffees and teas. Coffee making device can dispense a variety of coffees, including cappuccino, latte and coffee, cold coffee and others. Each device offers four to five types of coffees and teas (green tea, lemon tea or black tea) and is located in offices, university and college campus and metro stations.

Snack transaction devices are one of the popular types across the globe. One important thing while installing a vending machine is that regular maintenance of the device is mandatory for hassle free services. Such maintenance work should be carried out by trained and skilled technicians.

A vending machine is a very common sight at metro stations as well. You can see these equipments are dispensing all public utility items like snacks, drinks and rail tickets. You will come across various types of dispensing apparatus – standing, table top, free standing and structure mounting. Cleaning a device used for dispensing regularly ensure a fresh, hot brewed coffee. Avoid making tricky repairs and make a habit of cleaning the machinery so that it doesn’t get clogged.

Trend of using goods transaction equipments are not very common in India and are usually found only in major cities. Lack of success of this machinery in India is basically due to cheap available tea stalls and snacks vendors throughout the country. Lack of technical knowledge is another reason behind the unsuccessful trend of such machinery. Sometimes, these devices are unable to recognize currency or notes, which lead to rough usage of these apparatus.

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Vending Machines: Modern Day Coffee Shops

Be it customers or employees, all of them need various sorts of beverages at various hours of the day to keep themselves running. A simple solution that comes handy is installing a drink vending machine or an industrial coffee machine in your official premises. Nowadays, many coffee or tea vending manufacturers offer vending machines which are equipped with the state of the art features. The appropriate vending solution would be able to cope with rising demands as well as offer a superb yet choice of high quality drinks.

Vending machines, today not only limit themselves to serving just coffee or tea. They offer array of beverages now. Water being the most basic of human needs, it is important that your drinks vending machine offer both still and sparkling water. Also, check that weather your vending machine can vend either 330ml or 550ml pet bottles as most of the soft drinks and juices area available in such packs. As a business person, you are required to keep a close watch on changing market trends. In summers people would want chilled drinks and in winters they would want hot coffees and other hot beverages.

An Industrial coffee machine is available in various sixes to cater to everybody’s need, from one cup commercial coffee makers to high speed commercial coffee makers that brew more than 3o cups of coffee under fifteen minutes. Other beverages such as hot chocolate and energy drinks for the health conscious people can also be dispensed from the industrial coffee machine at a very reasonable cost.

Nowadays, vending machines are highly intelligent, computerized brewers that all the measuring, programming in order to get each individual beverage perfect every time. These machines not only help save time by not having to stand in line at coffee shops but also provide high quality coffee at fraction of a cost.

Since, many offices fear that they might lose control over costs by keeping vending machines. Therefore one must ask the payment options available in the model from the vending machine supplier.

As far as the big vending machines are concerned, you should check weather the model accepts only coins or has a system inbuilt to return change for notes. Many of the latest models now, accept credit cards too. Space at which these vending machines need to be allocated can be a serious concern. Therefore, one must take into account the space available and then make a choice on what type of vending machine one wants to install. Also, make sure you keep in check the products expiry date as some of the perishable products have less shelf life.

Conclusion: In summary, it is valid to say, given the aforementioned that modern vending machines have proven to be modern day quick coffee shops now. Not only they dispense hot beverages as any star coffee shop does, vending machines today make ones available to all kinds of various snacks that one carves to satisfy his taste buds with a delicious cup of tea or coffee.

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Tea and Coffee Vending Machines: Guide on Buying a Coffee Vending Machine

Coffee is one of those world famous drinks that most people rely on to getting their eyes wide-open early morning. The perfect cup of coffee can provide one with bursting energy at any time of the day. And today, most office spaces have coffee machines installed for enabling their employees to have an instant boost of energy during lethargic hours.  Tea & Coffee Vending Machines are common in sight in places such as hotels, restaurants, airports and malls. These machines generate volumes of business which are visited by huge number of people every day. But coffee vending machines need to be deployed with effective strategies in order to produce maximum results. Below mentioned are a couple of tips that will guide you to get dollars in your pocket.

Tips to help you make the best purchase:

  • Type of Coffee Vending Machine: Understand the various models offered by coffee machine manufacturers and finalize on the one, which best suits your requirements. While choosing the best coffee machines, you must keep listed factors in mind:
  • Choose a machine that is able to dispense more than once cup size. This will further on help the consumer to choose among the various options offered.
  • Out of various kinds of vending machines such as standing, tabletop, freestanding and wall mounting coffee vending machines, choose the one that best fits in the space available to you.
  • Nowadays, automatic pod coffee vending machines are available. They turn out to be smart option, as they offer automatic dispensing of used pod in trash box and provide add-ons such as a leak detector.
  • One can invest in a refurbished coffee machine as well. But before doing so, make sure that you have inspected the machinery thoroughly.

Appropriate Venue: One has to focus a lot on where he is going to install the machine. A tea & coffee vending machine is of no use, where there are already many coffee shops and snack bars. In addition to that, areas which do not attract crowds also prove to be failures in generating enough revenue. Therefore, before installing the machine, survey around and prepare a list of places where these machines have a good chance to generate enough business.

Choosing between Renting and Buying: Obtaining a coffee vending machine on rent is a cheaper option than investing in buying a new coffee machine. But this may prove to only satisfy a short term goal. Because as and when your business starts growing, you would be paying unnecessary rent on the machine every month. Purchasing a coffee machine is a one time investment and you can fully enjoy the profits earned.

Repair and Replacement: Coffee vending machines demand regular inspection of the condition their condition. Getting the damaged parts repaired in due time and regular servicing could help you maintain your business profits at the optimum level. Therefore, it is a valid option to invest in a coffee vending machine that has its part easily available in the market. Make sure that you purchase your machinery from reliable coffee vending machine suppliers who offer guarantee on their products.

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How To Take Care Of Tea And Coffee Vending Machines

Beverages like tea and coffee are fundamental part of office culture. It keeps employees awake and alert, improving their efficiency. It is advisable to ensure that you use quality vending unit to provide reliable beverage service. A good vending unit will provide a fresh, hot brew with a pleasant flavor. Make sure that your workplace is properly prepared with a quality coffee machine.

There are various types of machines designed and manufactured for tea and coffee – standing, table top, free standing and structure mounting vending machines. Nowadays many manufacturers or suppliers offer superior quality tea and coffee vending machines that provide option of having cold ice tea. It is mostly used in offices, restaurants and cafeteria. Being health conscious, people are avoiding drinking milk tea. They prefer drinking green tea, lemon tea or black tea. Considering the fact, more and more manufacturers are into manufacturing of these machines that offer green tea or lemon tea. Lemon tea machines maintain high contents of vitamin C along with superb taste. Pure extracts of citrus fruit are utilized to impart it flavor. It is a good remedy for the prevention of cold and body fatigue. Regular repairs ensure smooth functioning of the these machine. Here are some tips to take care of tea and coffee vending machines.

  • Some of the parts of these machines have specific lifespan. Don’t hesitate to ask the machine supplier about replacing filters and other disposable parts.
  • Always go for reliable and trained technician. Trained machine technicians diagnose and fix major problems. Before buying a coffee machine, make sure that the suppliers must provide reliable the company is prepared to train you and your staff on proper usage and maintenance.
  • Avoid making tricky repairs on your own. Commercial coffee machines look easy to use but are made of complex procedures. Therefore it is advised not to open up any restaurant or office coffee machine and start making repairs yourself as you might unknowingly cause more damage.
  • Clean your tea and cofee machine regularly. Make sure that your machine doesn’t get clogged and is routinely cleaned. One most point that you must consider while taking care of vending machine is to ensure that people aren’t opening, closing and cleaning the machine throughout the day.
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